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Mana Tours NZ Ltd reserves the right, without payment of compensation, to require any tour participant to withdraw from or leave the tour, if in the opinion of Mana Tour NZ Ltd representatives, the participant’s behaviour, or physical or mental condition, may endanger the health, safety, interests or welfare of themselves or any other passenger, in this circumstances the passenger must leave the tour immediately and find the way back home at own expenses.

All passengers of the trip are expected to behave responsibly and accept the discipline and authority of the Guide(s). We expect our passengers to behave with courtesy and respect towards each other and especially towards members of the staff.


For passengers of any overnight trip  the following items will not be acceptable at any time in the accommodation, on the bus or with any passenger: cigarettes, matches, lighters, firecrackers of any type, alcohol, illegal drugs, knives, weapons of any kind, laser light equipment of any kind;

Mana Tours NZ Ltd practices zero tolerance for the above mentioned misbehaviour conducts and will enforce this policy giving no second chances for any form of misconduct as a standard procedure.


Curfews rules will be applied for high school students (regardless of age) as per: Inside the accommodation by 8pm Winter or 9pm Summer. All year inside the room by 10pm.

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