Mana Tours NZ Ltd reserves the right, without payment of compensation, to require any tour participant to withdraw from or leave the tour, if in the opinion of Mana Tour NZ Ltd representatives, the participant’s behaviour, or physical or mental condition, may endanger the health, safety, interests or welfare of themselves or any other passenger, in this circumstances the passenger must leave the tour immediately and find the way back home at own expenses.

All passengers of the trip are expected to behave responsibly and accept the discipline and authority of the guide(s). We expect our passengers to behave with courtesy and respect towards each other and especially towards members of the staff.


Mana Tours NZ Ltd has a team of professional staff that places high priority of customer service, where our customer’s safety is of paramount importance. The following points make up all of the terms of the contract between Mana Tours NZ Ltd and the customer.

Mana Tours NZ Ltd operates on a basis of mixed nationalities and age groups at the same tour.


While all care will be taken, Mana Tours NZ Ltd will not be held liable for and does not accept responsibility for any sickness, personal injury or any damage to/or loss of property arising out of its activities. No responsibility of any items left in the vehicle, at the accommodation, activities providers etc. 


Mana Tours NZ Ltd will endeavour to adhere to published/stated departure, arrival and general travel times but reserves the right to alter its schedules and services where necessary such as events of breakdowns, delays, pick-ups, arrival and departure times, activities booking (weather condition).

Mana Tours NZ Ltd is not responsible and disclaims liability for any injury, damage, loss, delay or change in itinerary of schedules, additional expenses, inconvenience or irregularity incurred during the tour relating to supply omission of transportation, accommodation, entertainment, facilities, meals or other services, or illness of participants.  


To cancel or amend a tour booking you need to phone 09 358 1534, between office hours and lodge a refund claim.

Tours of 5 days or more:

Period                                % Cancellation Fee
30 days prior                    100% refund
14 days prior                     70% refund
7 days prior                       50% refund
Less than 7 days              No refund 

Day Tours, Weekend Tours or any Tour of fewer than 5 days:

Period                                % Cancellation Fee
More than 48h                 100% refund


Cancellation request lodged with less than 48 hours from departure time will not be entitled to any refund. 

Refunds For Activities and Accommodation

Mana Tours NZ Ltd will be under no obligation to make refunds where:
- Clients miss any part of the tour (including sightseeing), do not use accommodation without notifying Mana Tours NZ Ltd, or leave the tour after it has started.

- Cancellation request lodged 48 hours prior to activity/accommodation and weekend tour time will be entitled up to  50% refund of the amount of ticket for the Student Weekly Tours and for the 05 Day Tour or more, the deadline will be 30 days prior to the departure time. Cancellation request lodged with less than 48 hours (or 15 days for the tours with more than 05 Day Tour) from departure time will not be entitled to any refund.

- Activities are provided by third parties and they have individual cancellations policies, the above Mana Tours cancellation does not overrule the activities providers individual cancellation policies. The client is liable for all cancellations fees deemed by suppliers on top of Mana Tours policies.

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